Thank you for your JOURNAL SUBMISSION to Clarivate Analytics.

This is confirmation that your submission has been received.

Below are replies to common questions about the evaluation process. If you need additional information, please email our Publisher Relations staff.

If you have questions about Clarivate Analytics products, please refer to our product descriptions or our solutions website.

If you have not done so already, please read our Journal Selection Process Essay.

How Does The Evaluation Process Work After Submission?

Evaluation starts with three on-time, current, consecutive issues. If any issues are late, the evaluation process is put on hold until our editors receive the three aforementioned issues.

For electronic “build online” journals or those engaged in continuous-article publication, we consider “on time” publication to be approximately 15 articles over nine months or 20 articles over 12 months.

For all electronic content, complimentary access and an active URL are required to access the journal. If this information was not provided in your submission, your journal cannot be accessed to begin the evaluation process.

What Happens When The Evaluation Is Completed?

If your journal is selected, Clarivate Analytics will contact you on completion of the evaluation. In the interim, you can use our status request form to check on the progress of your journal while it is in evaluation.

If your journal is not selected, it could be eligible for re-evaluation in the future.

How Can I See A List Of Journals Covered In Clarivate Products?

The Master Journal List can provide this information.