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Available Now: The Latest White Paper from ScholarOne

Relying solely on an online peer review system isn't enough for publishers to find real, lasting improvements for their internal process and overall quality of their scholarly journals.

Top 5 Best Practices For Advancing Your Editorial Office, our latest white paper, outlines five ways that scholarly publishers can advance their business by leveraging all that online peer review systems have to offer. Many systems offer similar features and functionality but the real differentiator between systems comes from the provider relationship.

"There is a significant difference between a software expert and an industry expert," said Keith Collier, vice president and general manager at Clarivate Analytics. "When it comes to peer review management systems, it's imperative to select both a provider and an advisor - one that can help you identify new ways to gain a competitive advantage, instead of simply managing the administrative process."
Best practices for publishers to consider include:

  • Be a champion for your authors and reviewers.
  • Tailor your system to fit your unique needs.
  • Don’t waste time and money by simply replicating old procedures.
  • Focus on improving your publication and your editorial strategy, instead of managing a process.
  • Select a trusted partner, not just a vendor.

The industry is changing and publishers are feeling increased pressure to get to market faster and to publish in new ways. Top 5 Best Practices For Advancing Your Editorial Office is the second whitepaper from ScholarOne addressing industry trends and improved efficiency. Download your copy today.


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