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Meet George Kowal, our new Director of Global Publisher and Association Sales

George Kowal has been a member of the ScholarOne management team for 3 years, leading the ScholarOne Abstracts sales team. He also managed the Custom Sales team, providing solutions such as Web of Science Author Connect® customized mailing lists, Web of ScienceSM, Journal Citation Reports®, and Clarivate Research Analytics tools to publishers and associations. At the end of 2010, George became the Director, Global Publishing & Association Sales responsible for managing all sales team members for ScholarOne and Custom Sales.

We sat down with George to get his thoughts on his new role, how his previous experience both at Clarivate and in prior positions provides him with unique insight into the industry, and what he sees as the greatest value he and his team can offer our customers.

Congratulations on your new position! You’ve done a great job heading up the ScholarOne Abstracts team and we’re very excited to see your role expand. Can you tell us a little about your experience before this new position, both at Clarivate and before?
I am very excited about my new role and look forward in bringing the 15 plus years experience that I have in both scholarly and directional marketing publishing to help elevate our client’s end users experience.  I have been with Clarivate for over 5 years where I managed the Abstract Management Tool (ScholarOne Abstracts), Discovery Tools (e.g. Web of Knowledge, Web of Science), Research Analytical Tools (Journal Citation Reports) and Marketing Services (Web of Science Author Connect). I was also an Account Manager, allowing me to truly understand the client’s point of view in this market space.  Prior to Clarivate Analytics, I was with the life science publication The Scientist as an Advertising Manager for about 5 years managing advertising programs to meet client strategic marketing objectives.  Prior to scholarly publishing, I worked for about 9 years with directional marketing publications via advertising agencies such as TMP Worldwide and also Bell Atlantic Directory Services. 

Within all the publishing areas that I have worked, I learned and valued that content was of the utmost importance.  Accurate and precise data in conjunction with timeless delivery is what will drive business and support a user’s unique experience. 

You have a unique perspective into the industry since you’ve really worked with customers in all phases of their workflow – peer review, indexing, marketing, and analysis. How do you think you’ll apply this “big picture” point of view to your new position?
The beauty of this market and more importantly scholarly publishing is the fact that there are so many options to help make a scholarly publication or meeting competitively unique and strong.  Clients are looking to someone who is not only knowledgeable about the business but also unbiased and most importantly accurate with scholarly metrics.  I believe having someone now who understands the complexities of the entire scholarly publishing and/or scholarly meeting process from start to finish and not just pieces of it will enable the partnership conversation to be more complete because the intrinsic value of each part of the scholarly process is not only clearly valued but known. 

It’s interesting that your previous role at ScholarOne was in the meetings industry, but from the Custom Sales side you also have a lot of experience with citation analysis and bibiolmetrics. Can you tell us about that and how you see that relating to your new role?
For years I with my team have been working with Scholarly Publishers & Associations to attract and publish high quality content,  track emerging trends and fields, increase  visibility, and understand their competition.   At the end of the day, these individuals are the same people that utilize ScholarOne Manuscripts to ensure they are streamlining their journal process from submission to publication.  In my new role, me and my team will be working with the same contacts within the industry who once came to us for either analytical data or workflow tools  and now vice versa.  We see the publishing and association ecosystems and how the components fit together and we have the solutions to help customers meet their strategic goals and advance their business.

Everyone is scholarly publishing knows Journal Citation Reports, but don’t you also work with publishers and societies to create additional means and customized methods for them to analyze their results?
Absolutely through our discovery and analytical tools.  We know how critical it is to determine a journal’s influence in the marketplace, spot emerging areas of research among broad fields, identify new publishing opportunities, adjust editorial policies to compete in different market segments and redefine a journal’s direction to reflect the research community’s interests.  We work with editorial and marketing journal and society staff to provide data that is viewed as market intelligence to help answer particular question(s) so the scholarly publisher or society can make decisions based on true and unbiased knowledge and results – knowledge to act.

What’s the greatest value you think our customers will realize now that you’re in this new position?
That we in the Scientific and Scholarly Research division of Clarivate truly value the work that scholarly publishers and associations are doing and want to partner to assist in the process.  Today, the pace of discovery is fast and furious. And scholarly publishers and associations play a key role in identifying, developing, and disseminating the important work that is accomplished.  They provide readers and members with a vital connection to the larger research community. They connect researchers across disciplinary and geographic boundaries. They facilitate communication among academia, industry and government.  The directions they choose and the scholarly work they promote make a difference in people’s lives throughout the world. Clarivate offers the tools, data and support needed to continue to advance their organizations’ goals as they make essential contributions to the worldwide knowledge base.

Every issue published or meeting held is the result of a coordinated, multi-level effort. Clarivate helps ensure that this effort is successful, productive, and efficient. From initial submission through the complete review process, Clarivate helps organizations shape the direction and speed the time to market for the discoveries that are the leading edge of progress.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with all of our customers and hope that they feel free to contact me at any time.  • 



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