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The Latest Information on the ORCID Initiative 

ORCID was launched as a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the name ambiguity problem in scholarly research in August of this year. Now an incorporated organization, ORCID, Inc. will allow publishers, societies, funding organizations, universities, corporations, and non-profits to address this challenge at a global level.

ORCID’s mission is to establish unique identifiers, linkable directly to an individual’s works, as the industry standard for all funding, research, and publishing activities. This is particularly important for societies, associations, and publishers – you are the organizations that provide researchers with the venues to share their work with the wider community.

The ORCID Board of Directors held its first in-person meeting on October 8 in New York, USA, where board members unanimously approved the ORCID bylaws and elected the following officers:

  • Chairman of the Board: Howard Ratner, Nature Publishing Group
  • Treasurer: Dave Kochalko, Clarivate
  • Secretary: Amy Brand, Harvard University


The Executive Committee was created with the Chair, Treasurer, and four additional Board members:

  • Liz Allen, Wellcome Trust
  • Amy Brand, Harvard University Office for Scholarly Communication
  • Bernie Rous, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Craig Van Dyck, Wiley-Blackwell


In addition, the following committee chairs were appointed:

  • Audit Committee: Craig Van Dyck
  • Technical Working Group: Brian Wilson, Clarivate
  • Business Working Group: Co-Chairs, Craig Van Dyck and Ed Pentz, CrossRef
  • Marketing Working Group: Martin Fenner, Hannover Medical School


Complete minutes from this meeting are available on the ORCID site. With nearly 150 participants, ORCID has been gaining momentum within the industry. Among the newest participants are Microsoft Research (USA), Cancer Research UK, De Gruyter (Germany), SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online (Brazil), and Kanazawa University Library (Japan). See who else is participating and if you haven’t already, consider getting involved today! •


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