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With the release of the 2009 Journal Citation Reports, there has been a lot of dialogue on the expansion of coverage, particularly regional coverage, in Web of Science and the purpose, use and quality of a variety of evaluative metrics. Much of this discussion has taken place on the Citation Impact Center blog, where Clarivate chief scientists and industry professionals sound off on everything from citation index content to the newest evaluative metrics. Here’s a preview of some of the current “hot topics”:

Web of Science Coverage Expansion with James Testa, VP Editorial Development & Publisher Relations
In recent years we have witnessed an explosion in the production and availability of scholarly research results.  This growth is reflected in the gradual expansion of journal coverage in the Web of Science…In 2000 journal coverage in Web of Science totaled 8,684 titles.  In 2005, Web of Science covered 9,467 journals, an increase of 9%.  As of April 1, 2010 11,519 journals are covered in Web of Science, an increase of 22%.  At the level of the specific journal citation indexes the growth even more pronounced…read more and comment.

What Does it Mean to be #2 in Impact? with Marie McVeigh, Director JCR Production & Bibliographic Policy
Avid users of the Journal Citation Reports® might notice something surprising in the 2009 data. A dark horse has suddenly appeared as the 2nd highest Journal Impact Factor. Does this indicate a stunning achievement or flawed metric? And how can looking at both impact and influence metrics provide a more complete picture of a journal’s place in the world?…read more and comment.

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2009 Journal Citation Reports Is Here!

The 2009 Journal Citation Reports® includes more than 9,100 of the world's most highly cited, peer-reviewed journals from over 2,200 publishers in 230 disciplines, from 78 countries. In fact, this JCR has more regional journals than ever before - more than 850 included as part of our Regional Content Expansion Initiative in Web of ScienceSM. To learn more or subscribe to the 2009 JCR, please visit the JCR website or take advantage of our free training to learn how to get the most from your current JCR Web subscription.

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