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Innovative Technology to Support Global Research 

ScholarOne® has made headlines recently for forward-thinking development projects that expand their support of global research.

In April, ScholarOne announced a partnership with rich media provider SciVee to develop Proceedings OnlineTM. Proceedings Online will allow ScholarOne AbstractsTM users to easily upload all of their meeting content from their ScholarOne Abstracts site to their own Proceedings Online channel. From there, content can be added by the society or association and the channel can be made available to presenters for ePoster, multimedia, and video uploads to create a multi-media meeting channel. This partnership will provide societies and associations with an easy and low-cost way to make meeting content available after the show. Societies can increase exposure to their organization’s meetings, support their members' ability to share and collaborate, expand their association’s geographic reach, and open new revenue potential. Learn more about ScholarOne and SciVee’s partnership.

Less than a month later, ScholarOne announced the launch of a Japanese version of ScholarOne ManuscriptsTM. The new version offers a Japanese language interface for all of the features, functionality, and support ScholarOne Manuscripts is known for. This development reflects ScholarOne recognition of Japan’s reputation and importance in STM research and the increasingly global nature of scholarly journal submissions. With long-standing partnerships in Japan and several organizations already using the Japanese version, ScholarOne looks forward to supporting Japanese publishers as they get their cutting-edge research to print faster and easier. Find out more about ScholarOne Manuscripts in Japanese. •


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2009 Journal Citation Reports Is Here!

The 2009 Journal Citation Reports® includes more than 9,100 of the world's most highly cited, peer-reviewed journals from over 2,200 publishers in 230 disciplines, from 78 countries. In fact, this JCR has more regional journals than ever before - more than 850 included as part of our Regional Content Expansion Initiative in Web of ScienceSM. To learn more or subscribe to the 2009 JCR, please visit the JCR website or take advantage of our free training to learn how to get the most from your current JCR Web subscription.

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