In every email marketing campaign there are some essentials that must be considered to increase effectiveness and make smart decisions about future campaigns. Before you plan your next campaign - call for papers or speakers, subscription or membership drives, or general promotion - make sure you take the following information into account to get the most from your marketing:

  • List Effectiveness
  • Targeted Mailings
  • Day of Week Mailing
  • Social Media Linking
  • HTML Campaign Testing
  • Clicks-to-Open Ratio
  • Understand Institutional Marketing

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Preview: The importance of Editor Training

The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) has recently conducted a survey of its members on current practices and challenges in providing training to Editors. Questions included the impact of expanding Editor responsibilities, the effect of online systems such as ScholarOne™ in simplifying the review process, and current trends in training and information sharing. See the full report on ALPSP's findings in the next issue of The Forum. Sign up today for ALPSP's Journal Editorial Office seminar, May 19 in London!

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