Q: How do I submit a data change request?

A: You can submit a data change via our online web form at

Q: In which products can a record be changed?

A: Changes can be made in Derwent World Patents Index, Web of Science Core Collection, Current Contents Connect, Biological products records can be corrected.

Q: What types of data changes can be made?

A: For our bibliographic records, we are able to change source author names and addresses; terms in a record's title, author keywords and abstracts; some types of cited references; and information about document types and language codes.

For our Derwent patent product, we are able to change the Title, Abstracts, Inventor, International Patent Classification, Derwent Class, Manual Codes, Primary Accession Number and Assignee.

Q: The data change web form asks for an Accession (AN)/Patent Number? What is it?

A: An Accession number is a unique inventory number assigned to a specific journal issue or book volume. It provides a direct link to the information in the database and is critical for use in finding and changing any of our records.

Q: How long will it take for my data change to be processed?

A: Completion of data changes varies according to product, the number of records that need to be changed, verification of the primary data's source, the age of the record, and editorial and technical processes used to create/edit the product.

The entire process usually takes three to five business days to be identified, updated and uploaded to the online database. Please note that this is an average. Some changes are processed faster and some, especially cited reference changes, can take much longer. In addition, changes are processed in reverse chronological order. For example, a 2006 article will be changed before a 1982 article.

Q: Some data change requests can not be implemented, why is this?

A: The Science business of Clarivate has editorial rules for the scope and content of our products. There are a variety of reasons why records cannot be changed. If this is the case for your request, Customer Technical Support will provide you with an explanation.

Q: How do I get a record changed in SciELO Citation Index, CABI®, Food Science & Technology Abstracts, INSPEC, Medline, Arabic Citation Index, Chinese Science Citation Database or the Russian Science Citation Index?

A: Data changes or corrections requests for databases produced by other publishers are dependent on those publishers.

The Science business of Clarivate provides access within Web of Science to databases produced by other organizations. We are not able to make data changes or corrections to these databases.

Please contact the organizations directly with any of your suggestions about data or database content by using the links to them below.

Please click on the database host or visit their web pages.